It really is surprising just how much “information” we accumulate over a day, a week, a year, a lifetime. Our senses are channelling huge volumes of data into our brain. Some we dismiss immediately, some we absorb to supplement our current understandings and the rest we ponder and evaluate then either reject or absorb.

My name is Bernard Petherbridge and my business is the n i g t group. I have been collecting information for over 50 years. Now it is time to share that information with a wider audience than in our training programs, consulting engagements, coaching engagements and conversations.

My background is in the varied areas of Human Resources, IT, business sales, training, coaching and consulting. Currently, we deliver Business to Business Sales, Project Management and Leadership programs, and are involved in consulting engagements ranging from software implementations to business strategy planning.

Working with organisations in the fields of aviation, finance, technology, legal, health, automotive, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, franchising, communication, transport, learning & development and more in both the private and public sector has provided a massive amount of data that has been pondered and considered. There is a lot to say…and still more to learn.

My focus here is on the messages that we deliver in business situations, and remember that we are always selling – ourselves, our company, our product, our skills, our network…

Clarity of message + clarity in delivery = understanding.