For goodness sake, check your presentation

I was recently looking at a presentation delivered as a pdf from a business web site that promoted the style of the business, nature of the business and some of the people involved. Interesting reading most certainly until I came upon typo’s and some formatting errors.

Here is the tip people – get someone else to check your material for typo’s and formatting issues.

Whenever I create a presentation to deliver to an audience I always get another person to check the work. The fact is that as we create the work we lose the ability to see the errors. Our brain automatically reads the sentence correctly, glosses over the grammar problem and fails to pick up the formatting errors.

We blindly proceed with what an old school teacher of mine called “pride of authorship” which means that we finish the work and pat ourself on the back for a job well done then move on the the next item on our to-do list.¬†What we miss is everything that is wrong with our presentation.

So starting now…check your work when you have finished, then give it to someone not associated with the material and have them check it and give you feedback. Don’t get upset with what they have to say, take it onboard and make changes. A bonus is that whilst you are making these changes you will spot other things that you have missed, or could add, as well.

Remember that clarity of message can be destroyed by a simple typo.

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