Dear Homeowner…

Just your typical day except for a letter placed in the letterbox at home by a local real estate agent or the “walker” hired by the agent to do the delivery.

Like me, you may get this type of letter drop on a regular basis. It states things like -

  • “We have been asked to write to you to inquire if you would consider selling your property in …”
  • “Your street has been specifically identified as one, which may be suitable for this purchaser.”
  • “The people who have asked us to write to you have been looking for a property in your area for a few weeks.”

As I see it, there are two issues with the letter.

  1. The suburb mentioned in the first paragraph is 16 minutes and 6.5 klm from where I live, so why did I get the letter?
  2. Does anyone really believe the “we have been asked” and “your street has been specifically identified” lines used by the agent?

The first point causes the letter to go into the bin even faster then normal. The second still means that the letter will go into the bin however one does wonder whether a straight up approach would be more successful. Perhaps something like  -

… in our business the key to success is having a big list of available houses that we can match to people you who come to us looking for a new home. If you have or are considering selling your property then we would like to add your house to that list.

Lessons to be learned -

Sort out your systems so that mistakes like this do not happen

  • If you are using a template document, get someone else to review the output for accuracy
  • If you have multiple bundles of documents then envelope them and mark the envelope accordingly
  • Provide clear instructions to your people – assuming that they know what to do leads to mistakes

What is wrong with being up-front about why you are sending the letter?

Treat your clients with maturity and they will treat you the same way. This may just change the public perception of Real Estate agents.

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