Confused buyers never buy

So you have a great product. It is incredibly flexible. It has many uses and you are intent on showing your audience every one of them…but no one seems to want to buy.

Tip: Confused buyers never buy

Here are the facts: buyers can be simple folk who are looking for a simple solution to their problem. The first person to solve their problem will have a sale. Conversely, if you attempt to satisfy their simple problem with a complex solution or a solution that solved their problem and 100 other problems that they either did not know that they had, or they actually do not have, then the buyer becomes confused.

An example – you are in a shopping centre and someone is demonstrating the latest kitchen gadget. It slices, dices, chops and grinds. You see it demonstrated on potatoes, carrots, cabbage, nuts, oranges and 15 other items. Looks like a real timesaver especially as it is so easy to clean according to the demonstration “just rinse in water…”. How many of the audience actually buy the gadget? Usually only a small percentage, even if it is a low cost item. Certainly some just do not need it, some already have something like it and others just think that it is all too hard, smile and walk away.

If that happens with a $5.00 kitchen gadget just imagine how an all encompassing IT solution could confuse buyers.

One of the IT software organisations that I worked for had 19 pre-sales people in the local office. It needed 19 to provide the expertise required to demonstrate/explain the full solution – technology and application. Here is what the buyer might think – if it takes that many to show me how it works how many people will I need to actually keep it working?

As could be expected, sales cycles were long and complex and often they needed to be as multi million dollar buying decisions are not easily made.

Assuming that your product or service is less complex just how easy do you make it for buyers to buy?

Be clear about what the customer needs and sell to that need. Do not give the prospect the 100 top reasons for buying that item rather the exact reasons why this is the correct product to purchase.

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