Presentation mistake #1

There you are in the audience at a business presentation and the speaker is about to start. What are you thinking? Are you wondering if the topic will be of interest? Are you wondering if the speaker will be interesting? Are you wondering if you can get a copy of their presentation? Are you wondering if the session will be completed before your parking meter runs out and you receive a parking fine? Are you wondering whether you received a reply to that important email that you sent yesterday? Are you wondering where the toilets are located? Are you wondering how you will make up the lost time when you get back to your desk? Are you wondering…. On and on it goes.

As a presenter we are naturally concerned about the presentation that we are about to deliver. Very often, the audience’s concerns are not on our mind…at all. If we are smart we will have thought about the audience when we created the presentation support material and formulated how we will present that material. More often than not we were more concerned about cramming all the information into the presentation and give little thought to how the audience would react to our delivery. Will they be confused or will they understand what you have delivered?

Presentation Mistake #1 – forgetting that you have an audience and that audience is there for a different reason to you.

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