Welcome from the demoguy

My aim, with this blog, is to share some tips and techniques that you can use to enhance your presentation skills particularly, but not exclusively, in relation to software and other product presentations.

Let me start with a comment about clarity. Clarity is the key to your presentations. I have listened to many presentations that lacked clarity and therefore lacked a positive result. I have also listened to presentations that were clear, crisp and definitely achieved the desired result of producing a sale.

Let me be blunt. I do not care how much you know about your product, if you are going to bombard a prospective customer with information that may or may not be of relevance then you risk confusing the prospect rather than prove to them that you have the right solution.

The fact of the matter is that we will always know more about out product than the prospect and we have a general desire to tell people what we know. In a nutshell there is the problem. We think that we are informing when we may be confusing our audience.

Confused buyers never buy!!!  Remember that.

Starting a new blog is exciting; being 2 weeks away from a 1 month overseas holiday is also exciting.

What this means for the blog is that I may be a little slow on the updates until mid October 2009.

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